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A criminal record can make your life harder in a variety of ways. You could have trouble finding a job, applying for a rental property or even voting. I can help you expunge your criminal record, so you can restore your individual liberties.

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If you'd like to expunge your criminal record, you can count on the The Law Office of Wesley D. Spencer to help. Texas recognizes four different types of expungement. By choosing to work with an experienced record expungement attorney in McKinney, I can help you decide which of the following is the best choice for you:

  • Criminal record expungement: this action eliminates government records from existence. All government records tied to the criminal case and arrest are destroyed forever

  • Non-Disclosure: this action seals criminal and arrest records from public access so that an apartment complex, employer, or other non-governmental entity would not be able to access the records

  • Juvenile record sealing: this action allows misdemeanors and most felonies committed by juveniles to be sealed and treated as if they didn't exist.

Make sure your criminal record is removed for good. You don't want your criminal record to follow you for the rest of your life. I can help to to make sure it doesn't.

If you have previous charges on your record that are holding you back in life, you can take steps to clear your record and give yourself new opportunities in the future. Call me at The Law Office of Wesley D. Spencer in McKinney, Texas today to schedule a consultation about your case.